Mission Possible Sweden

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At a single glance: 20th Mission Possible, 2024

Mission Possible Sweden is a hike full of original activities and a themesauce with walk- and saildistances of about 12 km/day. You will go mountainbiking, go on a canoetrip, fishing, rockclimbing and lorrybiking. To be busy in a primitive way with an eyewink. Culinary art with a Swedish touch and spend the night in a sober way at bivouacs near the water.


Friday afternoon August 9 till Sunday August 18, 2024 inclusive.


Roverscouts, leaders and executives of Scouting and Guiding aged 18 years and older. All participants should be able to communicate in English.


€ 711,00 per person with begin and end in Groningen, The Netherlands, August 9–18, 2024.
€ 674,00 per person with begin and end at the busstation in Årjäng in Sweden, August 10–16, 2024.


In a beautiful, non-touristic nature reserve that exists of many woods and lakes in the beautiful nature reserve Glaskogen (Värmland region) in Sweden.

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  • A hike full of original activities with walk- and saildistances from about 12 km/day.
  • On its way outdoor activities like: mountainbiking, canoetrip, rockclimbing and lorrybiking.
  • A big eyewink to the primitive life. Make your own culinairy art with a Swedish touch on log fires.
  • Informal atmosphere.
  • Sleep under the open sky, tarp, sheltersail, or in a bivouac hut, often at bivouacs at a lake.
  • Pleasant and experienced staff team.

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